Apr 23, 2010


After watching Oprah's Earth Day special yesterday I was inspired to dig into recycling in my city. It is true that many people do not recycle because they simply do not know how. For many people it seems like too much work to figure out what to sort and how to sort it. I wanted to post this guide to recycling for anyone who lives in Valparaiso. If you don't live here you can probably find your cities recycling program by googling it, for example "Ohio city recycling".  Every little thing we do counts!!
Here's how recycling works in Valparaiso:
All recyclable items should be set out at the curb no later than 7:00 am on your designated day.
You do not have to sort your recycled items. All recyclables may be placed in the same container.
Recyclables should be placed separately from trash, using a city-supplied recycling container- either the 18-gallon blue bin or the 96-gallon Brighten Up recycling container. Recyclables may be placed alongside the container, if necessary, as long as materials are secured.
The city of Valparaiso accepts the following items:
1. Clear, brown or green glass. These should be rinsed, and lids should be removed. Labels do not need to be removed. Note that steel jar lids are also recyclable.
2. Aluminum, steel, and tin cans, provided they are clean. Lids are accepted.
3. Plastic containers labeled #1 through #5 (for example: milk, detergent, pop), provided they are rinsed. Please remove lids and flatten containers when possible. Labels may be left on containers. We do accept motor oil containers if they are thoroughly drained.
NOTE that recyclables that are labeled #I and #2 are the most efficient to recycle --requiring the least amount of energy. Where possible, choose these containers when making purchase decisions.
4. Newspapers, inserts, catalogs, magazines, and cardboard (including corrugated cardboard and chipboard, such as cereal boxes). Please flatten boxes and bundle, bag, or otherwise secure paper items to keep them from blowing. Consider that 14% of landfill space is filled by newspapers alone!
5. Scrap metal, appliances, and electronics. You may call us at 462-4612 so that we can plan for a pick up of these items. For the sake of efficiency, we ask that you place scrap metal, appliances, and electronics out on your regularly scheduled trash day (not before) and that you alert us to the need for a pick up.
6. Batteries, such as automobile type, and bags or boxes of household batteries. Please contact us at 462-4612 or by e-mail at publicworks@.valpo.us to schedule a special pick-up.

They do not accept:
Plate glass, automotive windows, drinking glasses, ceramics, styrofoam or plastic bags.

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