Apr 29, 2010


Aggy is so brave, and so beautiful. She has taken her hair to a new level of short. I only wish I had the guts to do that!! I am getting closer and closer to chopping my hair all off. I have the perfect cut picked out... it's just a matter of timing.  I really hate my hair, it's the #1 thing I wish I could change about my appearance. I struggle with this because I know I need to be thankful for my health and the body that God gave me. I feel guilty for buying in to the lies and being envious of women with long, thick, boucy hair. The most amazing thing for me is that my husband loves short hair on women and fully supports me chopping it!
I watched the documentary "Good hair" by Chris Rock a few months ago and it blew my mind to see the amount of money and time some women spend on their hair. It is a multi billion dollar industry. This video shows women who can barely afford their rent finding ways to pay thousands of dollars for their weave. The most alarming thing is that the hair for these extensions and weaves comes from a temple in India where women go to sacrifice their hair to the "gods" and have no clue that it is being swept up, processed and sold for thousands to salons in Beverly Hills and across the US. In India a woman's hair is considered the most beautiful and sacred part of her and those women are willing to shave their heads to offer a great gift to their god.  Women in America are so obsessed with their hair that they go into debt in salons everyday to get sacred Indian hair glued to their heads. It's messed up.... If you have not seen this documentary you should. It will make you look at your hair in a totally new way. It made me want top cut all mine off and make my life that much more simple. The key to happiness is to work with what God gave you and be content. Props to you Aggy!!


  1. I am all about hair and its power and meaning. It's fascinating!

  2. when it comes to hair you get what you get... it's all about genetics. It's so amazing how much time, energy and money is spent trying to transform it though.