May 12, 2010


I was at the gym this morning on the eliptical watching The View (my usual routine) and saw a news clip that really annoyed me. This deep man's voice asked the question "What would YOU do if you were in public and saw a woman breast feeding?"...... ummmm I think I would say "congratulations!".
I may also say thank you for choosing the healthy, affordable, natural way to feed your precious baby. Thank you for not being afraid to feed your child in public when he/she is hungry. Thank you for using your breasts for the exact purpose that they were created. Thank you for sacrificing and giving the amazing gift of good health and natural immunity to your baby!
It drives me crazy that our society has turned women's breasts into sexual objects to be oogled over and have forgotten what they were created for! There would be NO problem with women breastfeeding in this country if society and the media did not make such a big deal out of women's breasts! We live in a boob obsessed society where many women are more concerned with how big they can get them and have no regard for what this may mean for their child. God created women to have the amazing ability to make milk for a reason. It is the perfect food for a growing baby and that is the reason why he gave women breasts! You don't see other animals wandering around trying to decide if they want to breast feed their babies... it is instinct. The milk comes and the babies eat.

 Here are a few more facts about breastfeeding:
-Reduces exposure to sugar from formula. The only sugar babies need or should have is lactose - the simple sugar found in human breast milk. Sucrose is harmful to teeth and the rest of the body
-Reduces exposure to harmful chemicals in nipples and bottles
-It's inexpensive! With the money saved from formula and bottle costs (not to mention healthcare costs that would be otherwise avoided), you could hire a weekly housecleaning, eat out more often, see movies, you name it. Nursing is free
-So much easier when traveling. Who wants to pack bottles? Find a place to wash them, keep them cool, and warm them? Breastmilk is always available, always warm, always sterile, and always packed.
-Reduces exposure to allergens in formula. Cow's milk and soy are two of the most common allergens, and cow's milk and soy are the two most common types of formula. Human babies are never allergic to human milk. 
-Fewer illnesses, ear infections and asthma. Nursing reduces your child's risk of having eczema, food allergies, respiratory allergies and asthma, and can lessen the severity of those she has. Breastfeeding also has a protective effect against juvenile diabetes, celiac disease, childhood cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, urinary tract infections, multiple sclerosis, liver disease, and acute appendicitis. 
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