May 5, 2010

natural disasters

I don't know about you but I am having a hard time keeping up with natural disasters in the world. I talked to my Mom on the phone yesterday and asked her if she had seen the flooding in Nashville and she said no. I was amazed by this because it is all over the news here in the midwest.  My parents live in Canada so I shouldn't be that shocked. She asked me if I knew about the "times square bomb scare" and I didn't... I turned on CNN at work and in 5 minutes I knew all about it. I try not to watch CNN, it's full of negative garbage. Tennessee is in a state of emergency. If you haven't already heard people there need prayers and once again the Red Cross is asking for donations. An estimated 900 people were being housed in Red Cross emergency shelters across Middle Tennessee on Monday.  Red Cross officials distributed approximately 3,200 meals and over 10,000 snack items to shelter clients in the Nashville on Monday and an additional 600 to shelters in outlying areas.  Since Saturday, approximately 7,500 meals have been distributed to shelter residents in the immediate Nashville area. To donate CLICK HERE

Officials in Tennessee say four more people have been killed in flooding, bringing the state's storm-related death toll to 16. The Cumberland River flooded quickly after the weekend's storms dumped more than 13 inches of rain in Nashville over two days. That nearly doubled the previous record of 6.68 inches of rain that fell in the wake of Hurricane Fredrick in 1979.

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