May 1, 2010

Saturdays treasures

I discovered a new type of rice today when Laura and I were hanging out in Chesterton. It's called Green Bamboo Rice... Its aroma and flavor is like fresh green tea with hints of jasmine!  It is a short grain rice infused with bamboo juice for flavour and color. It is perfect for making sushi or for making exotic Asian risottos. I cannot wait to try it out!  
The market was packed and I was surprised to see so many vendors out this early in the season. I got my S.A.L.T fix, I was dying for some Tucsan Farmhouse blend, I used the last of mine on Tuesday! Check out this wonderful local, company -----> saltsistersonline.  Their website provides wonderful information about the benefits of eating unrefined, healthy salts. They have wonderful recipes on the site and of course you can buy their fabulous products there or at local markets. They have a Facebook page where they keep you updated on where they are selling each week. The Tuscan Farmhouse blend is my absolute favorite, I put it on everything (salads, eggs, fish, popcorn, potatoes, grilled veggies). Today I bought a new spice "Charmane's Bread Seasoning", it is a hand blended, Italian seasoning that is perfect for dipping bread or topping pizza with. You just mix 2 tea spoons of seasoning with 3 table spoons of olive oil. Sounds delish!

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