Jun 15, 2010


I watched the documentary Crazy Sexy Cancer last weekend. It was so inspiring!! I truly believe that food is the key to all illness and healing. I am conscious everyday of everything that goes in to my mouth. Jeremy and I are trying hard to eat local and fresh and stay away from canned and packaged food. We both feel so much more energized since we have been drinking fresh fruit and veggie smoothies everyday!  If you have not seen this documentary you need to see it, Also visit Kris Carr's website to learn more and be inspired!

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  1. We met Kris Karr at the cancer conference in the spring of 2009. Dwight was super impressed with her and we bought a couple of her books and her video of her story. Dwight juices twice every day and tries very hard to watch what he eats. I'm not as conscientious as that yet!