Jun 20, 2010


Today is Fathers Day and on this day I feel more blessed than on any other. God has given me the most amazing man on the planet to call Dad. I really don't think that I could ever truly put into words what my father means to me but I will try.
Your the only man on the planet who has never let me down
I grew up knowing that I was loved and that meant more than anything
Where ever you were I wanted to be... the wharf, the woods, the sea

You worked so hard and gave us girls everything we needed. most of all love
I remember so vividly standing on the fisherman's wharf, holding Mom's hand
waiting patiently to see that bright red boat come around the light
The horn would blow and I would see your smiling face

You have been there for all the most important days of my life
Some of the most special were the simple days spending time with you
Cruising on your Honda, hunting in the woods and fishing urchins
The older I get the more I admire you
Your faith in God, your generosity and your big beautiful heart
People meet you and never forget you because you are unforgettable
You are one in a million and I treasure every moment with you
Thank you for all you have sacrificed for us
Thank you for working so hard so life could be easy for me
Thank you for always being there for me no matter what
Thank you for every amazing opportunity you have given me in
this life. Where would I be without my Pa?

Happy Fathers Day to my amazing Dad!!! I LOVE you!!!

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