Jun 14, 2010


20 random facts about myself
1. I love staring at the stars, I could do it for hours
2. I feel incomplete without animals in my life
3. I have been battling really bad dreams since I was a little girl but lately they have been getting less and less. Thanks to God
4. I am scared of being up high and looking over the edge
5. I love to be carried
6. I have a really hard time sitting through a whole movie
7. I wish so badly that I could draw anything I wanted
8. not a day goes by that I don't go over everything I put in my mouth
9. I believe food is the key to wellness (and illness)
10. I hardly ever get thirsty, I have to remind myself to drink
11. I don't care about the kind of car I drive
12. I am obsessed with knowing what the temperature outside is. My husband finds this strange, I think it is because of my fisherman father
13. red wine gives me migraines
14. I gave up coffee 19 months ago
15. I battle with anxiety but usually I win
16. I hardly ever read novels, I read to educate myself
17. I am in the ultimate relaxed state on the back of a horse
18. I thank God everyday for calling me into a caring profession where I get to be with people in some of their most vulnerable moments
19. sometimes Jeremy has to make me toast at 2am because I am hungry
20. yoga is my medicine

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