Jun 18, 2010


My backyard smells so amazing right now. I have 3 rose bushes in full bloom, white, red and yellow.  I have always been very big on aromatherapy and I am planning on become certified in it. It is something that I want to be able to offer my patient's as a nurse practitioner (and a staff nurse).

Rose has a strong floral and sweet fragrance that helps bring balance and harmony, and also has stimulating, uplifting properties that create a sense of well-being and self-confidence. Rose essential oil was traditionally considered useful for gynecological and women's hormonal problems (great for balancing mood swings!). Rose oil has positive psychological effects for a broken heart or other emotional wounds as well.  I like to put a handful of rose petals in a pot or dish and pour boiling water over them. The smell that fills your house is so wonderful!

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