Jun 23, 2010

sixty four

So today is day number 64 of this horrible oil disaster and scientists estimate that over 160 million gallons of oil have invaded the Gulf of Mexico. At this point it is not even possible to fathom the ecological impacts of this spill, we will be dealing with this disaster for DECADES. The oil is going everywhere, coastal marshes are now inundated with oil from the BP spill. These marshes serve as nurseries for much of the Gulf's marine life. So many beautiful birds will perish even after being cleaned. Many birds die as a result of liver and kidney damage due to oil ingestion because the birds use their beaks and tongues to clean toxic oil from their feathers, which are vital to keeping the animals warm and a float. According to federal authorities over 1000 birds , sea turtles and dolphins have been found dead on the gulf shoes. This number is expected to rise dramatically!

 I don't know about you but I have been literally sickened by this disaster. Lately the world has been full of so many horrible "natural" disasters but this was NOT natural. This is a man made environmental crisis which means the human race needs to step up and do something!! PLEASE boycott BP stations and walk and ride your bike this summer as much as you can. Americans burn 378 million gallons of gasoline per day!! We need to decrease the demand for oil in this country! We need to take a stand and help the environment and all of the suffering marine life!
You can take a stand and pledge HERE

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