Jul 30, 2010


So this is the summer of babies. My good friend Laura had a little baby girl 10 days ago and my sister in law Ali is going to have a home birth in early August. She is due the 9th. It's weird to be in the "baby stage" of your life. I still haven't quite wrapped my head around being a Mom yet. I still feel like I need my own mother way too much to be someone else's. One thing I know for sure, God has blessed my with an amazing partner in this life and Jeremy will be an amazing father. He is patient, kind and so much fun. I now that when I am stressed and feeling like a bad Mom he will know exactly what to say or do to make me feel better. I had a conversation with some mothers at work yesterday and they were all sharing baby stories. Some had babies that slept all night, others had colicky babies that cried for 6 hours straight. The thing that I noticed was they all said that at one time or another they felt like throwing their babies out a window... not literally of course but each of them could recall nights where they were hovering on the edge of insanity with a crying baby, no sleep for days and feeling like total crap about motherhood. The bottom line is motherhood is hard. My mother made it all look so easy but I am sure there were many nights she felt like she was losing her mind as well. I am trusting that God will provide me with the wisdom and courage to someday be a mother.
This beautiful video shows a home water birth, a sort of "birth music video",  I love it.

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