Jul 1, 2010


Animal carcases are being swept up in nets then dragged in the middle of the night and taken to the burn sites and destroyed. No cameras, no cell phones, no entry!! Wake up Americans! The worst oil spill in history, but where are all of the images? The worst oil spill in history yet the internet and CNN is silent? BP paid Google for silence... they are trying to cover up how devastating this oil spill is! How far are they willing to go to cover up the mess? Deception is the key. We cannot let ourselves be deceived!

Who knew within the oil sludge,
Was a President who would not budge... who would not lead his people free from breathing all this chemistry.
It's More than oil for our cars,
More than coast line that was ours More than birds' feet stuck in tars, It's Korporate Kollusion.
It's Benzene in the air we breathe
A President we can't believe, A company bent to deceive,  a thousand parts per illusion.

I found this poem online.

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