Jul 12, 2010

electric cigarette?

Last week I was introduced to an electronic cigarette. My friend Monroe met a bunch of us out for drinks and was puffing away on it. I had no clue what it was. It looked like a cigarette except it was longer and was obviously missing the smoke and flame. I tried a puff of it and it was very strange, this vapour came out of my mouth but I did not taste any smoke or nicotine.

So what is this crazy invention?? 

-Electric cigarette: It provides a nicotine 'hit' but gets around the smoking ban
-Nicotine is its only ingredient, unlike tobacco alternatives which contain over 4,000 chemicals and tar.
-The electric cigarette is battery powered, has a glowing red tip and tastes like the real thing.
-Makers claim it can be used inside pubs and restaurants despite the national smoking ban as it has no flame and does not produce smoke.
-The stick, called Gamucci Micro Electronic Cigarette, uses small cartridges which are filled with the liquid substance. The cost about $4 each I am told and this is equivalent to a package of cigarettes. This is still much cheaper than smoking in Canada!
Overall I think the electric cigarette is probably not going to help anyone quit smoking. It just makes you look cool while you try. A recent study showed that the e-cigarettes only minimally reduced cravings and delivered almost no nicotine to the blood, basically it's like sucking on an unlit cigarette. Don't waste your money! Just go get hypnotized.

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