Aug 11, 2010


I found this adorable video online and it make me smile. It made me remember my back packing adventure across Europe when I was 23 and all of the places I went alone. It was so exhilarating to travel alone and to wake up every morning and ask myself "what do I want to do?". Eating alone was a bit strange at times but I met so many lovely people. I met a wonderful Australian girl that I ended up traveling with for 2 weeks in Italy. Thanks to Face Book we reconnected! It doesn't seem possible that I traveled all over Europe with no cell phone and rarely used the internet. It was such an amazing trip and I learned so much about myself.
It makes me sad now to see this generation growing up obsessed with technology and "connection". They have this false sense of connection to others because of face book and constant text messaging. Everywhere you look people are on their phones! My sister told me that one of my niece's friends sent 15,000 text messages last month!! That is insanity! They even have televisions in some elevators so people don't have to think about being alone. It's so sad.
I challenge you this week to go do something alone that you think would be uncomfortable. Eat alone, go to a movie, go shopping alone. Just enjoy the company of yourself =)

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