Aug 25, 2010

Happy Anniversary!!

3 years ago today I married the love of my life. Jeremy Bustos is the man of my dreams and it still blows my mind that God gave this amazing gift to me. He is patient, full of grace, fun, goofy, smart, driven, creative and drop dead gorgeous. I can't say enough to describe how awesome he is. The gift I made for him this year was a photo book of all of our old photos and my favorite shots from the past 3 years mixed with all of our first emails and My Space messages that we sent each other. It was so much fun making the book and it made me so emotional. Reading all of those first emails and remembering the anticipation of seeing him for the first time in 6 years... the torture of being apart for 5 months. We really were love sick, some of the emails are quite pathetic. I am so grateful to have a love story like ours. I wouldn't have traded all of the longing and heart ache of being apart for anything. Every single day I wake up next to him I have a huge smile on my face, he makes every part of me deliriously happy!!


  1. id do anything to find a love like that someday. happy anniversary :)

  2. I waited a long time for this love. I am so glad I waited... God blessed me beyond belief!