Aug 3, 2010


So here is a funny story from our Michigan vacation. Jeremy and I spent many hours together in the car. We listened to my "road trip mix" and grooved a lot and at times he would read to me (he is reading Outliers). We saw many sights along the way and often I would shout, "Stop that is so beautiful I need to take a picture!"... he would usually roll his eyes and keep driving. So I got smart, he slept and I drove. That way whenever I saw something I wanted to explore or take a photo of I was in control of the wheel. Somewhere in the middle of Michigan as Jeremy was driving I saw this cow (ok it was more than a cow, it was a huge bull with massive horns) and shouted, "Jeremy that is the most beautiful cow I have ever seen! I need to take his picture".  So Jeremy turned the car around so I could go back and get a shot. I had to run through part of a field to get close enough because we didn't have a zoom lens. As I got closer to the beast I realized how huge it was and also saw a brown baby standing close by. As I approached the fence and made eye contact with the massive beast my heart pounded a little quicker. The fence separating he and I was only 2 pieces of barb wire and he looked like he could easily come crashing through it. I took a couple of photos and he tolerated me but he never once took his eyes off of me. I inched a little closer and bent down lower to get another photo and suddenly he bent his head low and made a weird (angry) noise and started to charge at me!! I only wish I could have seen my reaction. I almost lost the camera I ran so fast through that field. The grass was scratching my legs and my sandals were getting muddy but I didn't care, I was running for my life! When I got back to the car Jeremy was beet red from laughing and told me that the bull actually reared up at one point and charged me. My heart pounded for about 10 miles.

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