Aug 26, 2010


My husband bought me a brand new iMac for our anniversary! It may not sound so romantic but believe me I needed it and was overjoyed! I am doing so much school work, blogging etc and needed a fancier, faster MAC. I had to clean up my old computer and get rid of files that were no longer needed and when going through all of them I found some fun things in a folder labeled "wedding ideas".  I absolutely loved planning our wedding, it was so much fun! I love being married to a photographer and every weekend being able to look through gorgeous wedding photos. I love the shots of the details of the day as much as the ones of the bride and the amazing dress. I love to see other people's creativity and fun ideas.  Here are a few pics from my wedding folder where I stashed some of my wedding ideas. I also had a red leather book where I pasted all of my magazine tears and sketches. Such fun memories!

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