Aug 22, 2010


I came home from work tonight feeling like a needed a month off. It wasn't the acuity of the patient's today... it was more the emotional toll it took on me. I can't even explain why today was worse than normal.  I cared for a woman who was dying and being kept alive on a ventilator until her family could bear to remove it. The whole time I cared for her there were piano hymns playing on a CD player in her room (her husband brought it in). The music created a sense of peace in a room full of despair. I know that wasn't the only thing creating peace, Jesus was there with her. Sometimes it can be hard to trust in that which we cannot see. That's what faith is... Some days I let the sadness of my job get to me and I forget that God is in control of everything and that I need to surrender it all to him. I need to trust that his ways are true. My brother Brian recorded this song for a prayer group at his church and after listening to it tonight I found peace in my own soul. It was exactly what I needed to hear before bed. Thanks bro

Release from Brian Bustos on Vimeo.

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