Sep 20, 2010


It's fall and every year my heart gets heavy when I think of all of the beautiful, innocent dear that will fall and bleed to death in fields. I don't think that all hunters are terrible but I wish they would be more respectful and only kill what they can eat. I also wish that all hunters used bows, not guns. It takes so much more skill to use a bow. Building a "blind" in a tree and shooting a deer with a rifle and scope is a JOKE. It's not hunting... it's sneaky and cowardly if you ask me......  On to happier things =)
These photos made my heart so happy!! I actually cried when I saw them. This beautiful friendship between a cat and a deer is the reason why I adore animals. They seem to know deeply in their spirits that the most important thing is friendship, loyalty and love. The deer started coming into this couples back yard and made friends with their cat. The two of them bond like this every morning.

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