Sep 10, 2010


Everyone who knows me well knows I am hair obsessed. I blame it on growing up with an older sister who is a hair dresser. Whenever we are together watching TV or hanging out hair always becomes a topic of conversation.  I have been wanting to cut my hair short for a few years and each time I go home my sister eagerly picks up her scissors and I watch the excitement drain from her face as I tell her, "Just trim it".  This time I was ready. I was over my shoulder length, (which went to chin length in July) boring bob. I was sick of doing it every morning and having it look exactly the same. I wanted a change! I came to her with a photo that I had taken of an adorable cut I had seen on a girl at Urban Outfitters.  My sister gave me the perfect cut, just like I knew she would.  My sister is so darn talented that it's sick. I hate that she is not being paid what she deserves just because she lives in a small town. My sister could easily be cutting hair with the best of them in Chicago! She should have charged me $150 for that cut and color and instead it costs $65 in her shop!!!! CRAZY  I actually got mine for free because she loves me that much =)  It was more than a hair cut, it was a fun night shared with my big sister. A bottle of wine, good music, and lots of laughs... that is the way every hair cut should be! Thanks Julie, you are AWESOME!!!
Here are a few transformation shots.
I LOVE this cut!!
P.S. Jeremy (who adores short hair) figured out that I will be saving myself 105 minutes a week on my hair! That is 91 hours a year!!

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