Sep 2, 2010


Jeremy and I just arrived home from a wonderful trip to Canada to see my family. We had perfect weather and had so much fun everyday!! It really doesn't matter what I do when I am home as long as I am with the people I love. I love the simple way of life in Grand Manan. I love that everything we did was a blast and none of it cost any money (except for the occasional glass of wine). I was watching the sunset while seining my brother in laws weir and I realized that I was so relaxed and at peace. Being near the ocean makes my soul feel at rest.


  1. amazing! it looks so gorgeous up there. something about the ocean puts my soul at rest as well. lake michigan doesn't quite cut it, right?

  2. these photos bring back a ton of memories from the west coast of canada - looks like you and jeremy had a great time


  3. Hi Hayley,

    I know this might sound weird but I'm planning to get married on Grand Manan next fall..probably September 2011. We are still looking for a venue and I wondered since you had gotten married there, if you had any ideas? Thanks for your time..