Sep 29, 2010


I am seriously considering getting a cat. I miss having a kitty that curls up in your lap and sleeps on your pillow. Hamish really needs a friend and getting another dog is just too much work. I already clean up a ton of hair from Hamish so a little cat hair on top of it will be fine. I have my eye on a gorgeous Siamese kitten at the Purebred Cat Rescue! I grew up with a Siamese cat and adore that breed. They are so intelligent and people oriented and I love how they chatter all day. Cats are so fun and always make me happy.

1 comment:

  1. I say you should get that siamese kitten, although I'm a cat lover, so my response is biased. We have 3 and they get along wonderfully. I'm sure Hamish would love the company!