Sep 4, 2010


Jeremy and I flew into Portland, ME when we went home to Canada last week. We took some time to explore the city while we were there and I was very impressed! It's such a beautiful little seaside city! It has the feel of a big city but the charm and friendliness of a small town. I discovered a fantastic perfumery called 2 Note Perfumery.  2 Note created its name based on the relationship between music and scents. Fragrant compositions are traditionally described in notes, like those in a musical scale. The artistry lies in blending top, heart, and bass notes together to form a symphony of scents.

All of their perfumes, bath and body care products are crafted in small batches. Comparable to an artisan bakery, they mix, bottle, and label each product by hand. They have extremely high standards and work only with the finest ingredients.  All of the botanicals they use are therapeutic grade, and they package their products in amber glass (except when the nature of the product requires plastic for safety) so as to preserve the integrity of the ingredients. 
I was really impressed with this little shop and ended up buying the Prima Face Mist and the OPUS 2 body cream. Check out their shop next time you are in Portland or visit their website!

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