Oct 2, 2010

dryer balls

I have something cool to share with you!  Dryer balls! Wool dryer balls help to reduce the amount of energy needed by absorbing some of the water and separating the clothing, allowing the warm dry air to better circulate. They also soften fabrics and reduce static. Plastic dryer balls are harsh on fabrics and are not aesthetically pleasing and dryer sheets leave residue inside the machine. You can add some lavender and grapefruit essential oils to the balls and they scent the laundry nicely. By using 4 balls in your dryer you can cut your drying time up to 45%, and you don't need to spend on fabric softeners!
*Just toss the wool balls in the dryer with your laundry as you would a commercial dryer sheet.
*These wool balls work very well on cotton and natural fiber materials.
*They are not as effective at reducing static on polyester fabrics. . . but then again, neither are the chemical-laden dryer sheets.
*You can use just one ball, but two (or more) may be even more effective.
*These are comparable to the PVC dryer balls.

*Oh, and pets love to play with these!
Click HERE to learn how to make your own dryer balls!  
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  1. Just be careful of the raveled balls! They can come undone after a few months use. I bought mine from www.WoolDryerBalls.com 3 years ago and the same 6 are working in my dryer right now! LOVE THEM!