Nov 24, 2010


Here are some tips on how to make your Thanksgiving more enjoyable as a vegetarian. I haven't had any turkey in fifteen years and I still love Thanksgiving dinner. I love to focus on all of the yummy vegetables and the pumpkin pie!!

  1. Offer a meat alternative. In lieu of a traditional turkey (or as a complement to it), try one of the tofu “turkeys” available at most grocers. A tasty meat substitute, these faux turkeys feature tempeh, a fermented-soybean product often used in “mock meat” dishes, or seitan, a wheat-gluten-derived food. Some even come with gravy and stuffing, for a complete vegetarian alternative.
  2. Make vegetables the main attraction. A pumpkin or squash stuffed with rice, cranberries, apples, nuts and other ingredients that typically go into turkey stuffing is not only satisfying, but provides a festive look as well.
  3. Focus on sides. Potatoes mashed with carageenan-free soymilk and olive oil instead of cow's milk and butter, baked sweet potatoes, crusty whole grain bread, wild rice or vegetable casseroles, pureed cauliflower, steamed green beans, roasted root vegetables - the options are plentiful, with the added bonus of making the meal healthier!

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