Dec 21, 2010

Great gift idea

Got Your Back Movement is a lot like TOMS shoes or Warby Parker for glasses except they give school uniforms to children who need them. In recent years, there has been a global push to make uniforms mandatory in public schools. Studies have found that introducing matching clothes amongst peers creates an environment in which students are more likely to excel in the classroom. But as this trend continues to gain traction, many children, especially those living in impoverished countries, are facing a new challenge. Even with most public education remaining free, the cost of required uniforms is often too great an expense for struggling families, a burden shared even by developed countries like the United States. With 80% of humanity living on less than $10 a day, and the ever growing movement to mandate uniforms, education many times becomes a distant dream. Got Your Back has focused our efforts on eliminating this burden by distributing school uniforms around the world. Through supplying uniforms free of cost, we hope to offer a pathway for children to gain an education and a chance at pursuing a better, safer, and healthier life.

Got Your Back is dedicated to creating sustainable, long-term global change through clothing. Along with meeting the educational needs of children through our shirt for shirt uniform campaign, they are constantly making strides to boost local economies through their initiatives. In any community they work in, they seek out local tailors to produce every uniform they gift away. Whether it is a local business in the United States or a small group of women in a village in Africa, they are committed to seeing whole communities energized & forever changed through the Got Your Back Movement.
Every shirt you buy provides a school uniform to a child in need, SHIRT FOR SHIRT. Your purchase helps create sustainable change in struggling communities around the world by opening the doors for children to receive an education. What a great gift!!!

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