Dec 15, 2010

home for the holidays

Today I am headed for my island home. It's been a long fall full of some sadness and surprises. I was not planning to go home for Christmas this year but something changed in late November. I began to miss my family terribly and the thought of being away for another holiday made me so sad. I decided to book a flight and head for the east coast. It's weird being so far away from my family. Sometimes I forget how far I really am until it comes time to go home... I have to take 2 flights, drive 3 hours and take a ferry to finally get there. It's exhausting but I am quite used to the routine by now. I am looking forward to eating fresh lobster, scallops and haddock and my mothers Christmas cookies. I can't wait to just soak up family time with the people I love the most. There's nothing like going home for the holidays.

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