Dec 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas to all!! I hope that you take the time today to look around you and give thanks to God for all you are blessed with. The most important thing about the holidays is time spent with family and loved ones. It's weird to be at the age where presents don't matter anymore but to be honest I am happy to be here. I am content with everything I have in my life and I know that I do not need anything material right now.

It's fun to give gifts to the people you love. I think the tradition is a  beautiful thing but not when it is in excess. People get lost in the materialism and forget what it is all about. I prefer to make my gifts but being a student has left me very little time to achieve this.

You don't have to look far in this world to see people suffering and to know that today so many will wake up hungry, cold and alone. Santa Claus you see does not visit every little boy and girl no matter how good they are. I believe in the joy and the love of Christmas. I believe that this exists in each of us no matter how rich or poor you are. I believe that when you choose to focus on love and giving instead of gifts, that is when the magic of Christmas explodes in your heart.
There are so many children who will wake up today and have no presents, no tree, no food and no clothing but they will have smiles on their faces. Their happiness does not depend on material things or mythical men who ride with reindeer. I pray that 2011 will pull me further than I have ever been from the North American delusion that "things" bring you happiness.

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