Jan 31, 2011


Today is day 1 of Crazy, Sexy, Cleanse for me... My friend Cindy is taking this challenge with me. So if you want to know all about this cleanse you should go get a copy of Kris Carr's fabulous new book (or click  on that link). I am going to tell you the 20 questions that you ask yourself at the end of each day on the cleanse. This should help you figure out what it's all about.
1. Did you abstain from coffee?
2. Did you abstain from alcohol?
3. Did you abstain from gluten?
4. Did you abstain from animal products?
5. Did you abstain from crack... aka SUGAR?
6. Did you dry brush today?
7. Did you clean you sinuses with a Neti POt?
8. Did you move your body for at least 30 minutes?
9. Did you meditate for 15-20 minutes?
10. Did you chew your food thoroughly and mindfully?
11. Did you laugh out loud and tell someone that you love them?
12. Did you spend time in nature?
13. Did you get 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep?
14. Did you juice today? Write down what you ate
15. How much purified water did you consume?
16. What supplements did you take?
17. How was your elimination?
18. What time did you stop eating? (3 hrs before bed is best)
19. How do you feel physically?
20. How do you feel emotionally?

I will keep you updated on how I am doing with the cleanse. I think I need it mentally/emotionally more than I do physically right now. I feel like I am existing in a world of gray right now. I love the color gray but it's not how you want your life to feel. I have been feeling emotional, overwhelmed and my dreams have been driving me crazy. I am tried of waking up feeling so emotional. I know that I need to make some diet changes and I am hoping this cleanse will refresh my body and mind. Off I go to get my lemon water to start the day!

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