Jan 1, 2011

Happy New Year!!

I am tired of the same new years resolutions. Mine are always the same....
Give up sugar and dairy
Run 5 days a week
Knit more
Start writing a book
Obsess less about things out of my control

I am not saying that any of these things are bad. I want to do each one of them in 2011 but I am taking a different approach this year. Instead of making resolutions I am "setting intentions". I am going to picture my goals everyday and inspire myself with a vision board. This is a way to inspire yourself by posting photographs and quotes in a place where you can see them and be inspired by them daily. A happy reminder of what you are working towards. I hope that everyone makes a "green resolution" this year. One thing that you can give up or add to your life that will help be kind to the planet. HERE are some ideas! Continue reading my blog this year for more go green ideas and products!

In this new year I want to push myself to be more open with others. To love freely and give as much as I possibly can. I want to fully release my past so that I can open the new door that God has waiting for me. I want to inspire others to live a healthy, happy, full life and to take control of their health. I want to take a trip that will open my heart and change my life. Jeremy and I have been talking about this for months and deciding where this journey will take us. Both of us feel tired of the culture we are absorbed in and want a change to take place in our hearts. We both have a strong desire to live in another country and are excited about the possibility of that. It may not happen in 2011 but small steps towards big goals are what life is all about. Every new and amazing thing starts with an intention and a dream. I hope today you are pondering this new year ahead and thinking about your dreams. I hope u will take time to write some of these things down and set serious intention about making them happen. Life is short and so precious. You never know what this new year holds in store for you but one thing is certain, if you change your thoughts you can change your whole life. I heard a quote last year that I want to carry with me into 2011.
"Prayer may not change your situation but it can change the way you experience it".
Happy 2011 everyone!!! Thanks for reading Clutching Urchins!!

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