Jan 16, 2011


If you have never heard of Kris Carr before get ready! She is a fabulous woman who I cannot wait to meet someday. Kris was 31 years old and living the good life as an actress in New York when a doctor told her on Valentines Day, "You have cancer".   She had a dozen lesions on her liver and more in her lungs. Instead of attacking her body with chemotherapy or radiation Kris decided to become an expert on her cancer and on nutrition. She decided to "watch and wait" and Whole Foods became her pharmacy. She left her job in NYC and moved to small town in Woodstock, NY. She exchanged road rage for prayer, fast food for fasting, swapped martinis for organic green drinks and a compassionate vegan diet. Seven years later Kris still has cancer but it lies dormant within her. It has stopped growing and she is living a full, beautiful and healthy life. Kris is an inspiration to people everywhere no matter what you are fighting. Her blog is uplifting, funny and so informative and I am so excited about her new book! I cannot put it down and it has convinced me to make 2011 my alkaline year!! I am now starting everyday with 1L of lemon water and avoiding acidic foods as much as possible. For me it is going to be hard to cut out alcohol, cheese, wheat and ketchup. On page 35 of her book she has a list of the top acidic and alkaline foods. I know I can do this. I gave up meat 12 years ago, milk 4 years ago and coffee 3 years ago. It's time to get rid of dairy all together! Jeremy and I are pledging to eat a 60/40 raw diet that is full of enzymes, minerals, phytonutrients and oxygen! Unhealthy cells, viruses and bacteria hate oxygen and do not thrive in alkaline bodies. Every step you take in the right direction helps. I am starting with small steps and hoping that I will eventually achieve my 60/40 goal. Go out and get a copy of this book for yourself or someone you love!! I am headed to Chicago on Jan 25th to hopefully get my copy signed and to meet this amazing woman!!


  1. how fun! i have been meaning to pick up the book... B&N date soon? I wish i could get it on my Nook, but it's not an ebook yet :(

  2. you can come with me to meet her if you are off! =)