Jan 12, 2011


It's a new year and I am already dreaming of all of the places I want to visit in 2011. I wish I had an endless supply of cash for that one reason, so I could travel whenever I wanted. I have so many places that I am dying to experience. I think that if you want to truly experience a culture you need to immerse yourself in it for at least a  month. If you visit a place for 1 day or even 1 week you don't truly get to live like the people of that culture live. Mt dream is to live for a month in my top 10 destinations. After watching this video I am convinced I need to go to Syria. I cannot imagine how amazing it would be to walk the streets of Damascus, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the world! Can you imagine the rich culture, the food, the people? Watch this video and you will get a little taste of this beautiful culture.

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