Jun 2, 2011


 Today I am on my way to Louisville, Kentucky for the annual American Holistic Nurses Association Conference! I am so excited to reunite with old friends and to meet new ones. The conference is an amazing weekend where Holistic nurses from around the country gather to celebrate our profession, each other and life. I met so many phenomenal nurses there last year and I am so excited for what this year has in store for all of us. There is a tour of Churchill Downs on Sunday after the conference!! If I can arrange a drive home later that day I plan to go!

Last year Dr Jean Watson won Holistic nurse of the year and each time she spoke to us she brought me to tears. She is such an outstanding nurse leader and beautiful spirit. I hope and pray that someday my career will be as accomplished as hers. To learn more about her go HERE. I could not stop writing as she was speaking to us, I didn't want to forget a word. I was re-reading some of the things I wrote in my journal the other day and here a few of my favourite passages.

-"Nursing is a spiritual practice. We touch the mind, heart and soul of each patient"
-"Burnout in nursing happens not because we care too much but because we wall ourselves off and close off the source of love and human connection. That is our life force to do this work". 
-"Healing is much more than fixing the body. We need to honor our connection to each person in every moment".

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