Jul 9, 2011


 Everyone loves a good barbeque. I know my husband and I grill out 3-5 nights a week in the summer. He usually grills pork chops while I am experimenting with the latest bean burger. I recently found an article that outlined some yummy items to grill that many people don't think about. Why not try a grilled pizza or grilled tofu at your next BBQ?

1. Any kind of sandwich. Seriously. Any kind. Vegan grilled cheese or peanut butter and jelly taste delicious after a few minutes on the grill. Or stuff some grilled vegetables between some whole wheat bread or in a pita and grill it until the bread is nice and brown.
 Put Earth Balance Organic Coconut Spread on the bread for a nice flavor.

2. Pizza. Slide your pizza dough (raw) onto the grill, let it brown and then flip it to cook the other side. When the dough is done cooking, place your toppings on it and heat on the grill again. It’s an absolutely delicious way to enjoy pizza! Use a cookie sheet to slide your pizza on and off the grill – or make individual pizzas that are easy to move.

3. Greens, lettuce or cabbage. Spice up your salad by grilling your greens for a few minutes. Place the leaves or halved or quartered lettuce heads on the grill, let them brown a bit and then add to your salad for a delicious smoky flavor.

4. Tofu or seitan. Press as much water as possible out of a block of firm tofu (or freeze and thaw it) and then marinate it or soak it in barbecue sauce. If you are grilling seitan, you do not need to press out the water but you can marinate it first, too. 

5. Beans or whole grains. Place them, already cooked, in a tinfoil pouch or shallow stainless-steel pan with some herbs and let that sit on the grill. Your beans or grains will have a pleasant smoky flavor.
I can't wait to try this!

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