Aug 16, 2011


I have been a vegetarian for 16 years. I have discovered that I should be calling myself a "Flexitarian" since I eat fish when I go home to Canada. I was raised by a commercial fisherman and grew up eating the most delicious, fresh seafood. I still eat fresh fish when I go home but avoid it at all cost in the midwest where it has been frozen for weeks and is usually from a fish farm. I do not like the taste of fresh water fish at all. I know I need to give up fish all together. It has been a struggle for me because of how I was raised. I know this is an excuse, I know I need to get with it. I never eat meat, not even on a free range beef farm.  I avoid dairy as much as possible but on occasion, especially if we are invited out I do eat it in things.  I would love to be a "rawist". I have started devoting 2 days a week to totally raw foods. It takes a lot of preparation but it is so good for you! My goal is to eat 80% raw food. I just bought 2 great RAW food cookbooks.

It can get confusing trying to decide what type of diet you want to follow. Here is a list of diet terms you may not be familiar with.

Vegetarian Terminology
Ethical Eater- a person who only or mostly eats food that meets certain ethical guidelines, particularly organically grown food and humanely raised meat, poultry and fish.

Flexitarian - a person who eats a mostly vegetarian diet, but who is also willing to eat meat or fish occasionally.

Nutritarian- a person who chooses foods based on his or her micronutrient content.
Pescetarian - a person who supplements a vegetarian diet with fish.

Rawist - a person who eats only unprocessed, unheated and uncooked food, especially organic fruits, nuts, vegetables and grains.

Vegangelical -an extremely zealous vegan, who encourages others to adopt a vegan diet.

Vegivore - a person who craves or has a special fondness for vegetables.

VB6 - from the saying, "vegan before 6," a person who eats a vegan diet before 6 p.m. and then whatever he or she wants after that.

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