Aug 5, 2011


I have always thought that I would be very traditional and NOT find out what the sex of my baby was when I get pregnant... however after seeing this adorable video it made me start to think there are fun ways to find out =) It seems there are pros and cons to both decisions. I have always thought it made more sense to have a baby shower after the baby comes so that everyone can meet the baby and buy appropriate gifts. 
I think this video is pretty darn cute! 
Here is a couple finding out their baby's sex before it's born. They asked their doctor to write down "boy" or "girl," and without looking, they gave the piece of paper to a baker. Then the baker made a cake—with either blue cake for a boy, or pink cake for a girl—covered with white icing. Finally, that night, the couple invited friends and family over while they cut the cake...and revealed the cake color!

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