Oct 9, 2011


I am Canadian... which means I get to celebrate Thanksgiving twice. I have been living in the USA for 5 years and still cannot get used to celebrating it in November. It just feels way too close to Christmas. Today all of my Canadian family and friends will be celebrating life together while I think of them from afar and wish that I could be near them. It never gets easier... in fact I think it has gotten harder. I miss them everyday but holidays are especially hard knowing they are all together and I am not there. Today I am so thankful for my Canadian heritage, my amazing family, the gift of life, my wonderful family here in the US, my job, my horse, my dog, my husband... I have been so richly blessed in this life and every single day that I wake up I thank God for allowing me to have another day. Life is so short... we are like a vapour in the wind. You have to wake up and realize how precious it is. Don't put off saying the things you know you should say... Love with all of your heart and don't let fear stop you from anything... 

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving Hayley! I can totally relate to not being around family during the holidays. It definitely gets harder as we get older, and as babies are added to the family too! At least you get to celebrate twice, they don't celebrate a Thanksgiving here in Denmark.