Nov 8, 2011


Today is the second Tuesday in November. To many people that means nothing... but to hundreds of fishermen on my home island of Grand Manan, NB it means the first day of lobster fishing season. It is a day that much preparation and back breaking labour goes into. The men will spend the entire day tomorrow launching lobster traps full of rancid bait into the ocean in hopes that when they pull them again they will be crawling with big, Bay of Fundy crustaceans. I talked to my Dad last night and he told me my Mom was baking loaves of banana bread to send with the men tomorrow. There were women all over Grand Manan last night up late packing the perfect lunches for their fishermen. I am wishing all the men of Grand Manan a safe and prosperous season, especially my brother in law Stacy and his son Dawson Don!! Love you guys!!

Although I don't know the guys in this video I like it... They are a Nova Scotia crew, my father was from Nova Scotia. This shows a fine day of fishing but trust me they aren't always like this. Fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs on the planet. Rough seas and working with dangerous gear all day long make for very hazardous conditions. The thing is, if the sea is in your blood and you love to fish, like my father... you just can't help yourself. 

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