Jan 13, 2012

January cleanse

So I arrived home from a fabulous vacation at home in Canada earlier this week. It was wonderful to breathe fresh salt air, eat my mom's cooking and relax everyday. I ate WAY too much sugar and indulged in way too much alcohol on my little vacation. Isn't that what happens on vacation? I am now feeling sluggish, tired and in need of cleansing. I've majorly upped my water (with lemon) intake and have been drinking 3 cups of green tea a day. I believe in cleansing safely and realistically. I think the water, lemon, cayenne and maple syrup cleanse is ridiculous. It's simply not enough to sustain anyone's brain. I like to be active everyday and to do that a person needs whole foods. This month I will focus on eating whole foods, many raw foods and avoiding these things:

  • Processed foods
  • Sugar
  • Dairy
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
I plan to juice everyday and also add some important supplements. A great way to start the day is with a healthy, delicious green smoothie.

Green Machine Smoothie

Combine 6 chopped romaine leaves, 4 chopped kale leaves, 1/2 cup fresh parsley sprigs, 1/2 cup chopped pineapple, 1/2 cup chopped mango, 1 inch of fresh ginger, and 1.5 cups of water. 
Blend until smooth. I also like to add ground flax and a dash of cinnamon to mine. 

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