Jan 23, 2012


Sarah Burke, the pioneering Canadian freestyler, who helped get superpipe accepted into the Olympics, died on Jan. 10 after a fatal crash during a training run in Utah.
Sarah lived near Whistler, in British Columbia was only 29 years old. This is a tragic story and one that has been on my mind for days. It's never easy to see such a young life end so tragically. I am not a huge ski fan and didn't know a lot about Sarah but after I saw this video about her and her husband I realized what an amazing, talented, loved women was lost. This video is a beautiful tribute to their love as well as their talent. I plan to watch WINTER when it is released. I was so happy to read that all of her fans kicked in to help her family pay for the more than $200,000 that was owed in her medical bills in Utah. 

Her quote in this clip stands out “It’s what our lives are, being on the hill and there’s a reason for that, it’s amazing, it’s where we met, where we live, have fun …. And hopefully where we die” 

HERE is another beautiful tribute to her life with a lot more ski clips. 

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