Feb 1, 2012


February is here already... The month of love.
I am planning to focus a lot of the topics in the blog
on love and heart health this month.
Being in love and finding your soul mate if the most wonderful thing in the world.
When you find that someone you want to grow old together. 
Here are the recent life expectancy stats:
  • White men live 75.4 yrs
  • Black men 69.2 years
  • White women 80.5 years
  • Black women 76.1 years
What these stats show is that many women go on to live life without their men. This is a sad fact and is attributable to many things. Last week I was at the clinic and when looking over the schedule I realized that out of 25 patients we would be seeing that day 2 were men. This is common... men do not like to see doctors and typically are less concerned about their health. I wish I could find a way to change this. So the point to my blog is take care of the one you love! Encourage them to eat better, exercise, stress less and see their doctor yearly! We have to take care of each other!

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