Apr 15, 2012


Aromatherapists also use lavender in inhalation therapy to treat headaches, nervous disorders, and exhaustion. Herbalists treat skin ailments, such as fungal infections (like candidiasis), wounds, eczema, and acne, with lavender oil. It is also used in a healing bath for joint and muscle pain. Another study found that lavender oil may improve pain control after surgery. Fifty patients undergoing breast biopsy surgery received either oxygen supplemented with lavender oil or oxygen alone. Patients in the lavender group reported better pain control than patients in the control group.

I love lavender and plan to plant it all over my yard this year. It truly has been so important in helping me to manage my anxiety. I use it on the bottoms of my feet at night and also burn my favorite ZUM lavender candle next to my bed. 

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  1. I think this is so cool! I would love to study more about natural cures. I think it is so interesting!