Apr 16, 2012


Today is marathon day in Boston. The Boston Marathon is the oldest annual city marathon in the world, appearing for the first time in 1897. In this first version of the Boston Marathon only 18 runners entered the race, but the number of participants has increased steadily since then. The largest field of runners so far was in 1996, when over 35,000 people finished the 100th Boston Marathon. The 2011 Boston Marathon on April 18, 2011, attracted 26,895 entrants and about 500,000 spectators.

I love running. I have been a runner for many years but have never pushed myself to run a marathon. Maybe this will be my year. My good friend Kristen runs marathons all year long, she inspires me to want to finish at least one.

I love this video shot of a runner who ran in 2010. I love her passion and the fact that she had no idea it was possible until a friend encouraged her to try it! We never know how our positive words might effect another person. This is a beautiful and inspirational story.

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