May 18, 2012


She's coming to the end, despite her best possible efforts to fight this cancer. She's lying helpless on a ventilator with a photo of her best friend next to her on the bedside table. When the ambulance came to get her and she was struggling for breath it was only her four legged friends who comforted her. She longs to pet her friend, to see his smiling face. Doctors worry it will only upset her more and that because she is doing so poorly this may not be good for her. As her friend wags his tail in the hallway we decide to bring him in anyway... we all know this is what she needs. It's amazing how light and life enter her body at the sight of him. It takes all her strength to cup his sweet face in her hands as he puts both paws on the hospital bed and leans in to her. Standing there watching the two of them in this moment I am profoundly aware of the healing that is taking place. What we have given to her today, no anti anxiety pill, sedative or pain pill will match. She had a sweet moment with her dog and can rest knowing he is ok. I am so deeply thankful for a dog loving nurse manager who allows moments like this to happen. What a beautiful moment that I will always remember.

(The photo is not my patient, just a therapy dog)

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  1. I can't tell you how many times I wish we could have done this in treating patients. I'm so glad you were able to experience this, I'm sure you will never forget it. What a great way to 'heal' and realize it's not US healing. Thanks for sharing this, although it made me cry because I think of the times my sweet Patah helped me after tough days. Dogs are amazing!