Jun 7, 2012


The Big Soda Battle: 
"Right now a tall 5-year-old with a dollar can approach a machine and buy a fizzy beverage equivalent to a cup of coffee with nine teaspoons of sugar in it."
Why are people freaking out about this soda ban?
They say "if they take our pop, what next"?
The reality is people are addicted to it
and soda is like CRACK 
It's killing our kids (and adults who should know better). 
I say bring on the pop ban Mayor Blumberg!!
Maybe the rest of the nation will follow. 

Here is a great quote I read today
"Let’s be clear: Sugar-sweetened beverages are nothing more than sugar delivery systems, and sugar is probably the most dangerous part of our current diet. People will argue forever about whether sugar-sweetened beverages lead directly to obesity, but Bloomberg’s ban should be framed first and foremost as an effort to reduce sugar consumption. Good."
to read more go HERE 

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