Jan 16, 2013


With the start of a new year came some big changes for me... I decided to really challenge myself. I knew this was going to take will power, commitment and determination. I under estimated just how difficult it would be. I finally got a diagnosis of endometriosis in 2012. I have struggled with pelvic pain for many years and it has really escalated the past 4 years. In order to put my body in the optimal condition to heal itself  I had to give up some things that I truly love. I have not had a drop of alcohol in 16 days... I gave up wheat, dairy and sugar as well. Caffeine is something that I gave up 5 years ago so that was already scratched off the list. When I got to about day ten I began to get really emotional. Last week I came out of the YMCA after a particularly intense boot camp class and flopped into my car. I sat there for about 5 minutes unable to move and before I knew it my eyes welled up with tears and I started to bawl.  I came home and was instantly craving everything that I cannot have... chocolate, toast, yogurt, ice cream, RED WINE. I realized that I was grieving over these foods that I can no longer have. We have such emotional connections to food and when you decide to make them off limits you begin to realize just how deep that connection is. I pushed through this moment of weakness by making a pineapple, mango, spinach protein shake. I went to bed early that night and gave my body the rest it needed. I am trying to be gentle with myself right now and to accept my moments of weakness on this journey. This is not just a physical journey, it is deeply spiritual and mental. Your thoughts release energy that can energize your body's system to bring about healing.  

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